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When Is “Stormy Weather”…NOT?!?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

It’s your responsibility as a homeowner, building owner or tenant to make sure you have the coverage you NEED! A little due diligence can go a LONG way to covering you when the bills for “Storm Damage” come due!

With this particularly active tropical storm season, wildfires raging on the West Coast and earthquakes and tornadoes still a concern for many, insurance coverage almost certainly has become top-of-mind for property owners and tenants, alike. However, every day across America too many people discover their particular disaster has left them without the insurance coverage they THOUGHT they had!

NOW – before we go any further – we want to emphasize we are NOT insurance agents, brokers or industry experts! We’re just a team who deals with personal catastrophes every day, and have managed to pick up some “on-the-job” knowledge…knowledge which may be valuable to you either now OR in the future.

Which brings us to the whole idea of “Storm Damage” – YES, we do restoration and remediation for storm damage, and have years of experience dealing with most anything Mother Nature can dish out. But, do YOU know what “storm damage” actually means?!? It just may come as quite a surprise! 

One insurance authority gave a pretty concise definition, in laymen’s terms (because honestly, no one wants to read “insuranc-ese”) of what GENERALLY is covered under the concept of “Storm Damage”:

“Storm damage is the destructive result of weather-related events. It can include damage to the exterior of your home, such as your roof shingles blowing off after a windstorm, or the siding of your home being dented from hail. Storm damage may even affect the interior of your home, like power surge damage from a lightning strike…Storm damage insurance isn’t its own policy — it’s part of your homeowners policy.

“Typically wind or tornadoes, wildfire, ice storms, fallen trees and lightning strikes have a certain level of coverage as part of a standard policy. Make sure you understand the types of storms that are covered by your specific policy before a disaster rather than after…Usually flood and earthquakes are excluded by your standard policy.”

AGAIN, we are not recommending one carrier or type of policy over another…it’s just like panty hose, “one size” does NOT “fit all!” We just want you to be an informed consumer, and insurance coverages and legal parameters literally vary from state to state. For instance, folks along the Gulf Coast diligently write those extra checks every year for rising water and flood coverage. On the West Coast – where earthquakes, mudslides and wildfires occur all too frequently – residents, business owners and leasees MAY need an entirely separate policy to cover these “acts of God” which might normally be covered in areas where they are NOT common.

And, let’s not forget “Sheryl’s She-Shed” – the commercial that went viral! But, if you recall, Sheryl’s first call was to her insurance agent to make sure it was covered. It may come as a shock to some residents to discover their “casitas”…”she-sheds”…and “backyard man caves” are NOT covered under their “standard” policy.

Apparently, Sheryl’s husband and agent ensured that only was her oasis covered, but at “replacement cost” instead of just their initial investment. Your “vintage” kitchen stove damaged by a storm may only fetch a few dollars of reimbursement without that replacement coverage. The same holds true for those who carry renter’s insurance. Your now-water-soaked sofa, depreciated over five years, may only yield enough for a futon in today’s dollars.

It’s not JUST about “replacement,” either. Of course you want to make sure that element is part of your insurance package. But don’t forget the all-important step BETWEEN “disaster” and “shopping” – RESTORATION! Whether it’s a fire from a freak lightning strike or a flash flood from an unexpected rain storm – which, by the way, some “storm” definitions ONLY include “Named Storms” in their hurricane-related coverage – you still need experts to assess the true damage and take the proper steps to restore the environment for all your shiny new replacement possessions. 

Fortunately, the team at SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio has the knowledge, on-going training in the latest technology and techniques, specialized equipment and a healthy dose of compassion to bring to any disaster scene! As we’ve learned, the MOST important part is to be prepared BEFORE any “storm” strikes. And knowledge of what IS and what ISN’T covered in your life gives you the BEST weapon to deal with whatever nature throws your direction!

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