Recent Before & After Photos

Small Business Flood in San Antonio, Texas

This small business flooded in the community kitchen area as a result of a fire. The tile was completely saturated as well as baseboards. SERVPRO of Northwest S... READ MORE

Water to Put Out Fire Floods San Antonio, Texas Business

This business in San Antonio, Texas was flooded after the fire department came in to put out a kitchen fire. Often times the water used to put the fire out leav... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen Floor in San Antonio, Texas

This kitchen floor was flooded by a pipe that was not fitted properly years before the home owners even owned this home. Often times when buying an older home t... READ MORE

Soaked Carpet From Leaking Sunroom

The carpet in this sun room got soaked after some storms rolled through San Antonio, Texas. The carpet was not restorable. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio was ... READ MORE

Winds Damage Roof/Sky Light

This home has a sky light in the kitchen. The storm that came through this part of San Antonio, Texas had very strong winds resulting in many trees breaking. So... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Ceiling

This home in Bexar County had mold growth in and on the ceiling. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals had to check internally to ensure that all the areas were clear... READ MORE

Home Fire in San Antonio, Texas

This home owner accidentally left her curling iron on and next to a hairspray can. The heat and pressure caused a small explosion in the bathroom resulting in a... READ MORE

Mold Behind Washing Machine

This home in San Antonio, Texas found some dark spots that they thought might be mold behind their washing machine. The home owner knew that the washing machine... READ MORE

Home Kitchen Fridge Flood

This home owner came home after a vacation to find their kitchen floor flooded. The fridge had a supply line that busted, causing a huge mess. The water ran the... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage

This business had a heating system that caught on fire. Luckily they were able to put the fire out before too much damage was done. Unfortunately the water used... READ MORE